What’s New with Microsoft Access 2010 Macros

The new macro interface tool is a welcome feature and well overdue! fitting nicely with the rest of Microsoft Access 2010 namely the Ribbon Bar & easy to use templates.

The simple drag n drop actions and in line arguments makes this a far more intuitive system to use which is easily managed by expandable and collapsible sections.

This version now has more keywords and arguments and is a strong case to stick with macros and use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as a ‘plan B‘ option for the more advanced user and any procedure that no macro is designed to do.

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    1. To create a new macro via the keyboard: Alt + C + M.
      Using the F6 function key allows you to navigate between window panes (Macro and Action Catalog).
      The for the active window you can use the TAB and Arrow keys and repeat the sequence.

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