Understanding and Using Microsoft access database Macros 2016 eBook

“Understanding and Using Microsoft Access Database Macros” 2016 eBook

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Need to automate and some ‘bells and whistles’ to your database? Having worked with Microsoft access database for many years, I always looked forward to the final release of an Access database system knowing the benefits the client will gain in a very short space of time.

Understanding and using access macros 2016

In order to see the reward not just for my clients but for myself too taking pride of the hard earned effort in planning, designing, building and implementing a system, the application needed to be user-friendly and therefore automated in some sensible fashion.

The pain and frustration of seeing end-users to fend for themselves trying to operate a database that had been poorly designed by developers providing a shoddy service in the first place meant that I had to take action!

Microsoft Access Macros are often overlooked or ignored due to the perceived level of knowledge required. In fact, you use macros all-day long but simply clicking an icon or button somewhere. Access Macros can also perform this simple function (if that’s all you use macros for). No programming knowledge is required!

Here’s a sample of what’s inside the guide:

  • Learn the Pros and Cons of Access
  • MacrosThree main types of Macros – the benefits
  • Comprehensive information on the different design tools
  • Differences between the Access versions – what’s missing
  • Creating macros the correct way
  • Understanding macro actions and their arguments
  • Managing macros into small re-usable units
  • Writing and managing control flows and data blocks
  • Introducing variables and scope of variables
  • Handling embedded macros versus macro objects
  • Data Macros (as of the realise of Access 2010) – fully explained
  • A case study example – putting it all together

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 P.S. ACT NOW! and I will give you  a 30 day support service (by email) FOR FREE! to help build and refine your Access Database (any version) for you.

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