Microsoft Access Database: Crosstab Queries with Microsoft Access 2003

What is a Microsoft Access Crosstab Query? Here’s the simple answer by asking a different question. Do you know what an Excel Pivot Table is? If you do, then you have just answered the first question!

In fact, Microsoft Access Crosstab queries are quite basic and limited when comparing to the newer and richer reporting outputs of a Pivot Table but it’s still in use and effective.

Take a look at this video tutorial (no more than 5 minutes) called

Microsoft Access 2003 Tutorial Crosstab Queries

The trick is to base this type of Microsoft Access query on another query which would typically be made up from related tables.

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  1. The best way to undertand and then expand a Crosstab query is to first use the wizard tool and then modify it in the design view.
    This applies to all versions of Microsoft Access.

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