Microsoft Access Database: What is… Some Popular Questions

Microsoft Access Database: What is… Some Popular Questions

Here are some questions I’ve been asked over the years regarding Microsoft Access databases which I thought you may want to review. 

Q: What features make Microsoft Access a valuable tool over say the more popular Excel spreadsheet or any other desktop software?

A: The key feature is the ability to “ask questions” and perform actions with large amounts of the data via Queries which is its real strength.  For the common MS Office user who doesn’t know anything about MS Access databases, this application can seem fairly user-friendly and most users tend to lean to a more comfortable environment, namely Excel.


Q: What’s the best way to start learning Microsoft Access?

A: It all depends on how you best absorb information and learn new technologies. Some people prefer a book but that can be quite time consuming and hard to follow as most books tend to be Continue reading “Microsoft Access Database: What is… Some Popular Questions”

Microsoft Access Database Versus Excel – Which To Choose?

Microsoft Access Database Versus Excel – Which To Choose?

Why Access? Why Excel?

In the modern age, ‘the books’ are done digitally. Individuals and businesses alike use software like Microsoft Excel to do a bunch of database stuff… – but strangely, bizarrely, bafflingly, Microsoft Access database remains a highly underused product in the Microsoft Office package.  There seems to be a general misconception about Access and Excel, with many people believing Excel to be both easier and more applicable to their needs.

microsoft access database versus excel image

Databases vs Spreadsheets

So what’s the difference between the two? Microsoft Access is a database, not just a large spreadsheet like Excel. Both have their uses and only the situation can dictate the need for one over the other. Excel is generally more convenient for crunching numbers and producing figures and graph that represent technical data. Access, however, is able to store a huge amount of data – far more than in any one spreadsheet. Additionally, Excel Continue reading “Microsoft Access Database Versus Excel – Which To Choose?”