Using Table and Query Naming Conventions : Microsoft Access Database

MS Access Database: Using Table and Query Naming Conventions.

As part of the good working practices and disciplines when designing your Microsoft Access database, using good naming conventions will be essential as not all parts of the Microsoft Access application is consistent.

Take a look at this quick video tutorial (about two and half minutes)…

As clearly explained, not all aspects of the MS Access application provides a way to easily see what type of object you could be managing and developing which included the Relationship window view.

MS Access Database: Using Table and Query Naming Conventions

In addition, if you don’t take care when applying names to objects, fields and other interactive components, you may end up with naming conflicts and ambiguous references that Access may not realise until it calls it at a later stage.


There are many ways to create a standard with naming conventions and as long as you stick to your own convention and policy, you will be just fine.

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